Package org.ka2ddo.ax25

package org.ka2ddo.ax25
This package defines classes and interfaces relevant to implementing the basic AX.25 protocol, as defined in the AX.25 Link Access Protocol for Amateur Packet Radio specification.

This package depends on the core Java runtime, and on the following other packages:

  1. org.ka2ddo.util
  • Class
    This class defines a single AX.25 callsign (address).
    This class defines 1 AX.25 packet, as defined by the AX.25 Link Level Protocol specification, version 2.2.
    This interface defines a listener for decoded AX.25 frames as freshly received from an input port.
    This interface specifies an object that can provide a fully-encoded AX.25 frame for transmission.
    This class defines the common infrastructure for one decoded AX.25 message.
    This enum defines the allowed traffic precedence levels for messages.
    Interface declaring an API for parsing an AX25Frame into a particular protocol (PID)'s decoded message.
    This interface extends the AX25Parser interface to indicate it has a means to distribute protocol-specific packets to interested listeners.
    This class implements the internal AX.25 (v2.2) protocol stack for a TNC (layer 2), as defined in the AX.25 Link Access Protocol for Amateur Packet Radio specification.
    Marks an AX25Message as being one with a free-text comment in it.
    This interface provides an asynchronous callback for requests to open a AX.25 I-frame connection to another station.
    This interface defines a means by which an arbitrary handler can choose to accept an inbound AX.25 connected-mode session request.
    This class defines the generic API for an object that connects a real-time data stream to this application.
    Type of Connector, used in filtering and deciding whether to digipeat or I-gate traffic sourced from this connector.
    A data structure recording throughput statistics for its containing PortConnector instance.
    This class keeps track of the state of one AX.25 connection-oriented session.
    Enum identifying the transitional condition of the connection.
    Enumeration specifying the different types of connection-oriented AX.25 sessions.
    This listener interface allows classes outside the org.ka2ddo.ax25 hierarchy to be informed when connected sessions are updated.
    This class manages the list of digipeat aliases recognized by YAAC.
    This class defines all the parameters for an alias used for digipeating.
    This interface is implemented by any class that receives a message frame.
    The class describes the digipeat status of an associated AX25Frame.
    This class provides an association between a frame and a PortConnector for transmission.
    This interface defines a message whose retransmissions are intentionally limited.
    This interface defines how a code segment waiting for a response message is informed when the response is received.
    This enumeration categorizes AX.25 messages by what protocol they are carrying, to make it easier for YAAC I/O ports to determine if a particular AX25Frame should be sent out a particular port.
    Define the range over which the tagged packet should be transmitted.
    This interface defines a SendableMessage which can specify the scope over which it should be transmitted: not at all, over only the local RF area, or via the APRS-IS Internet backbone.
    This interface tags a decoded AX25Message that can be converted back to transmittable form.
    This interface tags messages that can be cryptographically signed (HMAC) to provide authentication and data integrity checking of those messages.
    Current state of signature validation of a SignableMessage.
    This interface specifies an object that can queue AX.25 frames for transmission through Connectors.
    This class extends the basic capabilities of being a port connector by specifying the methods usable to transmit AX.25 frames through this port.
    This class encapsulates and encodes one X.25 XID group.
    This class encapsulates one XID parameter.