Package org.ka2ddo.gps

package org.ka2ddo.gps
This package defines classes for parsing and reporting GPS position information as received directly from a GPS receiver in NMEA-0183 format, or from a GPSD daemon in the version 3 JSON format. It also supports registering extensions for non-GPS NMEA-0183 sentences through the GPSParser.registerSentenceParser(java.lang.String, org.ka2ddo.gps.GPSSentenceParser) method.
  • Class
    This class is a data structure containing one GPS location fix.
    This enum defines the fix quality (as used in the NMEA 0183 V3.01 $GPGGA sentence).
    This singleton functor class collects GPS data from GPS data sources and accumulates current position data for use by other parts of the application.
    Interface defining a custom parser for a particular NMEA-0183 sentence.
    This class contains the current state data of the GPS satellites, as viewed from the position of the GPS receiver.
    This class contains all the known information for one GPS satellite.