Package org.ka2ddo.aprs

package org.ka2ddo.aprs

This package contains classes defining the various types of APRS packets, and related data objects. This includes the parser that converts an AX25Frame into an instance one of the APRS message classes.

The message types are defined in the APRS Protocol Reference, Version 1.0.1, and are supported by the following classes in this package:

message type
and spec chapter
class name in this package
position report
(chapter 6)
<station capabilities
(chapter 15)
>status message
(chapter 16)
StatusMessage or
[Maidenhead position report
(chapter 6)
Mic-E position report
(chapter 10)
Object (timestamped) or Item (not timestamped)
(chapter 11)
_weather report (without position data)
(chapter 12)
:addressed text message
(chapter 14)
?broadcast general queries
(chapter 15)
$raw GPS NMEA-0183 sentence (chapter 6) or
Peet Bros Ultimeter weather station (chapter 12)
T#telemetry data (chapter 13)TelemetryMessage
}third-party message routing (chapter 17)all classes with thirdParty field filled in
any other prefixother less-used messages (chapter 19)DefaultMessage
APRS package classes for APRS packet types

This package is inter-dependent with the org.ka2ddo.opentrac package, due to YAAC's capability of transmitting APRS packets in OpenTRAC format. This package also depends on the org.ka2ddo.ax25 package for the frame structure underlying the payload, and the org.ka2ddo.util package for other utility data and functions.

  • Class
    This interface defines how a code segment waiting for a response message is informed when the response is received.
    This interface adds additional APRS-specific capabilities to get and set the signature (in ASCII text) on a SignableMessage.
    This class parses incoming binary messages into the appropriate classes of APRS message objects.
    This defines hashmap keys for various optional data extensions supported by APRS messages.
    This class defines a default message (suitable to contain any other type of APRS message that YAAC doesn't explicitly understand).
    This class registers and dispatches to sources of additional APRS packet body text, based on the arbitrary business logic of the sources versus the station callsign-SSID or object name.
    This interface defines a source of additional information in APRS free-text comment format.
    This class represents a message decoded from a raw GPS NMEA data string (APRS protocol specification chapter 6).
    Symbolic codes for different types of hurricane/tropical storm information.
    Values allowed for type of storm in a hurricane position report.
    This class decodes the (obsolete) Maidenhead Locator Beacon message (APRS protocol specification chapter 6), although this class is also used to store Status messages (APRS protocol specification chapter 16) when a Maidenhead prefix is used in the status message.
    This abstract class defines the common parts of one APRS message.
    This class encodes an addressed Message APRS message (APRS protocol specification chapter 14).
    This class defines a Mic-E message (APRS protocol specification chapter 10).
    This class defines the lat/lon data within a NWS MultiLine encoded poly-figure.
    This class defines an APRS Object Report (';') or Item Report (')') message (APRS protocol specification chapter 11).
    This class decodes a Positionless Weather APRS message (APRS protocol specification chapter 12).
    This abstract class extends Message to contain positional information, supporting several different kinds of APRS messages with position data.
    This class defines a APRS Position Report message (APRS protocol specification chapter 6).
    This class defines a broadcast general Query message (APRS protocol specification chapter 15).
    This interface defines an API for an object that can accept beacon rate settings.
    This class decodes a Station Capabilities message (APRS protocol specification chapter 15).
    This class decodes a Status message (APRS protocol specification chapter 16).
    This interface is a marker for a particular GUI API's means of storing image data associated with an APRS or OpenTRAC symbol.
    This singleton class is a caching container for all the types of station symbols supported by APRS.
    Indicate the type of station or object associated with a symbol table ID and code tuple.
    Wrapper for all the non-graphics-related attributes for a symbol code, with a pointer to the rendering-related attributes object.
    This class contains a decoded APRS telemetry message (APRS protocol specification chapter 13).
    This class represents a message decoded from a Peet Bros Ultimeter weather station (APRS protocol specification chapter 12).
    Symbolic codes for different types of weather information.
    This class specifies all the parameter variations associated with all possible encodings for subaudible codes, such as CTCSS, DCS, etc., including specifying whether narrowband or (comparatively) wideband FM deviation is used.