Configuring Weather Stations

There are two ways that YAAC can receive data from a local weather station:

  1. Via an RS232 serial port from a Peet Bros. weather station (Ultimeter series) or compatible sending the Peet Bros. protocol. Click here for directions.
  2. Via another software program that records the weather station data into a standard WXNOW.TXT file. Click here for directions.

To transmit such received weather data to other APRS stations, the YAAC beacon needs to be configured to:

  1. report weather data in the position report comment by clicking the Report Weather checkbox, and
  2. for compatibility with other APRS software, you should set your beacon symbol code to one of the weather station symbols, /_ or \_
  3. also for compatibility, you should use standard position report format, not compressed or Mic-E format.
However, YAAC does support stations with beacon symbols other than weather station symbols transmitting weather data, using the Positionless Weather Report message format.