Transmitting with YAAC

There are six ways to transmit messages with YAAC:

  1. Defining your station's position beacon and status messages. Beacons are transmitted periodically (if not disabled by setting the initial send rate to zero) or whenever the operator taps the spacebar on the map or clicks the BCN button on the map toolbar. Status is only transmitted periodically, and should be disabled if in an environment where manual-only transmissions are required on any port.
  2. Defining Objects to be announced by your station.
  3. Sending pre-defined queries (per APRS spec V1.01 section 15) to other stations to locate them, determine their adjacency lists, or obtain other information from them.
  4. Sending arbitrary free-text messages to other stations.
  5. Injecting arbitrary APRS packets through a external message source port.
  6. Configuring a serial GPS port or GPSD connection for a remote GPS (such as in a telemetry feed from a rocket) and specifying the GPS data should be converted into an APRS Object.

YAAC may also be configured to function as a digipeater or I-gate, such that it will relay packets on behalf of other stations.

Additional means of originating packets may be provided by YAAC plugins.