Configure External Message Source

Many other applications provide information that would be useful to deliver over APRS. YAAC provides a mechanism using TCP/IP sockets so that such information can be imported into YAAC in real-time and transmitted to all the connected APRS networks.

To connect to such applications, click the Add button on the Ports tab of the expert-mode Configure dialog. The port editing dialog will appear. Set the port type to ExtMsgSrc.

external message source configuration panel in YAAC

The parameters you will need to specify are:

Note that, in client mode, YAAC will attempt to connect to only one external application per ExtMsgSrc port, and the external application must be ready and waiting for connections when the YAAC port is created or YAAC is restarted with an open ExtMsgSrc port definition. Any number of client applications can connect to a YAAC server-mode port, but all such applications must use the same message format (with or without source and destination callsigns).