Configuration Profiles

YAAC supports configuring its interface ports in many ways. Some users may need to use YAAC in multiple environments with different configurations for each environment. Rather than having to delete and rebuild the configuration each time the environment changes, you can use profiles to save different configurations, and select which configuration profile you wish to use at YAAC startup time.

By default, YAAC uses an unnamed default profile. When invoking YAAC, the optional -profile option can be used to specify which particular profile to use. YAAC is invoked with a command line of the form:

java -jar YAAC.jar -profile profilename

where profilename can be any text string without embedded whitespace (space, tab, etc.); for example, you could have profiles named basestation, mobile, and FieldDay, but these are just suggestions. If invoking YAAC from a graphical desktop icon, a shortcut can be defined that uses a command line of the above form to specify a particular profile name for the shortcut.

The first time you invoke YAAC with a given profile name, it will be as if you are starting YAAC for the first time; there will be no configuration, and everything will have to be set up (beacon, callsign, ports, etc.), including having YAAC suggest you use the configuration wizard.