Configure PBBS

Configuring the Personal Bulletin Board System (PBBS) primarily requires specifying where the messages and bulletins will be stored. The options to be specified are:

Note that the PBBS will not be accessible from other radio stations unless:

  1. YAAC has an AX.25-capable port (such as Serial_TNC, AGWPE, KISS-over-TCP, etc.) that is configured to support raw AX.25 protocol, which includes the connected-mode needed to access bulletin board systems.
  2. YAAC is enabled to accept inbound AX.25 connections.
  3. The PBBS itself is enabled within YAAC. Note that when the PBBS is enabled, inbound connections will no longer be able to initiate chat sessions with you, unless they use the Operator command within the PBBS.

Note it is very poor practice to run a PBBS on APRS channels and vice versa, so this functionality should only be used if your YAAC installation is only for connected-mode AX.25 traffic or has two RF ports going through different radios on different frequencies to separate the APRS traffic from the PBBS traffic. These RF ports should be identified with appropriate supported protocols (APRS or raw AX.25) and configured with different beacons identifying their respective purposes.