Package org.ka2ddo.yaac.util

package org.ka2ddo.yaac.util

This package contains YAAC-specific classes and interfaces providing various utility functions that don't fit into any other package.

  • Class
    This implements the Cell-Based Containment Algorithm for more efficiently determining whether a point is inside a polygon with a large number of vertices.
    This class defines a rolling logger that checkpoints the last N bytes of a log file to a disk file.
    This interface identifies a table model within YAAC whose contents can be completely removed by user request.
    Enumeration specifying which types of records should be cleared when deleteAllRows is called.
    This class provides a generalized mapping of Java enum constants to localized name strings without requiring the enum definitions to know about the source of the localized names.
    Enum of different types of localizations for an Enum value.
    This class is a limited-function decoder and encoder for JSON messages, sufficient to support the implementation used by gpsd.
    A LinkedHashMap intended to hold JSON-structured data, with a Json.JsonHashMap.toString() method that produces JSON text.
    Provide a formatter for a latitude or longitude value in degrees/minutes/fractional minutes and direction (or some other format style for GUI display).
    Define the supported different formats for latitude and longitude display.
    This class defines a static method that implements the WGS84 cartesian distance formula.
    This class wraps all the business logic for searching ResourceBundles for localized text messages for display on the UI and in reports.
    This interface identifies the class within a view window of YAAC that can print the contents of the window to the Java Printing subsystem.
    This interface identifies the class within a view window of YAAC that can save the contents of the tabular view to a CSV file.
    This class handles requests for Service Discovery lookups via RFC 6763, using any of several means: if on a system with an avahi daemon, use the daemon as a proxy for the request. if avahi can't be found, try to open a dnsjava Resolver socket on the Multicast DNS (RFC 6762) port and do the query directly. fail if neither scheme can be used.
    Protocol being reported for a particular service.
    Structure containing one (of possibly several) successful answers for looking up a service by Service Discovery.
    Interface for incrementally receiving the results of a service lookup request.
    Interface for receiving possibly asynchronous complete answer for a service lookup request.