Package org.ka2ddo.yaac.gui.filter

package org.ka2ddo.yaac.gui.filter
This package contains the editing GUIs (Java AWT/Swing style) for controlling the message and station filters in the YAAC back-end code.
  • Classes
    This filter accumulates the results of several filters.
    This filter selects messages based on their destination AX.25 address.
    This filter accepts or rejects messages based on the first station to relay the message.
    This filter accepts or rejects messages based on the last station to transmit the message.
    This filter optionally eliminates all messages from excessively distant stations.
    This is the control panel for the MessageContentFilter.
    This filter selects messages by the MicE status code.
    This filter optionally eliminates all messages from unmanned stations.
    This filter selects packets and messages based on which interface port the message entered YAAC through.
    This GUI panel edits the settings of the PlaybackFilter to control whether realtime or playback frames (or both) are displayed and processed.
    This filter optionally eliminates all routine precedence messages.
    This class implements a filter based on radius from a specified location (defaulting to the beacon location for the station).
    This filter selects information based on relative time point boundary.
    This filter selects all stations that match (or don't match) an entry in a list of station identifiers.
    This filter allows selecting stations and messages solely by category of sending station.
    This filter editor selects messages by the APRS symbol code, indicated by symbol table ID and symbol type.
    This Filter selects viewing messages that are only valid or only invalid.