Package org.ka2ddo.yaac.core

package org.ka2ddo.yaac.core

This package contains classes implementing the core back-end functionality of YAAC, including logging, connecting the back-end to platform-appropriate front-end GUIs, the basic AX.25 message collecting function, and standard APRS client query response handling (as specified in chapter 15 of the APRS Protocol Reference, Version 1.0.1).

  • Class
    This interface provides a callback so something can be asynchronously notified that the user has requested cancellation of a long-running background job.
    This class collects the station information involved in a particular port's aloha circle calculation.
    This class tracks the real-time addition and removal of stations from the data cache, and computes the Aloha circle for each open RF interface, based on current data and the algorithm defined by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.
    This class batches up logging AX.25 messages.
    This class contains static methods for reporting errors.
    Helper class for transferring error displays to the GUI dispatch thread.
    This class implements a generic time-batched logging facility for an arbitrary record type T in a date-rolled sequential logging file.
    Define a handler to be called when the logger rolls over to a new file.
    This interface defines methods so a UI-independent object can forward data change events to a UI-specific table model.
    This interface defines GUI-platform-independent methods for manipulating a fully-detailed map display in YAAC.
    This interface defines GUI-platform-independent methods for manipulating a minimal map display in YAAC.
    This interface provides a means to access the platform-specific GUI classes from UI-independent code in YAAC.
    This provides a GUI subsystem independent interface to the UI, so the backend can request GUI services without having to worry about whether it is AWT/Swing or something else (such as Android).
    Declare a callback for operations that have to iterate over all full-function map windows, not just the current one.
    Declare a callback for operations that have to iterate over all map windows, not just the current one.
    Data structure containing parameters needed to transmit a text message.
    Data structure of parameters needed for the OpenStreetMap import operation.
    Data structure of parameters needed for the OpenStreetMap pre-imported tile download operation.
    This interface identifies a Throwable that has a YAAC help tag associated with it to help the user debug their problem.
    This exception is the same as, except that it carries a help tag so the error display code can provide additional documentation to the user.
    This class manages and tracks the state of Objects being originated by the local station.
    This interfaces defines an object that can be informed about changes to the ObjectReports stored in the LocalObjectTracker,
    This class maintains an association between a local ObjectReport and the ObjectReportSender used to transmit this object to the network (assuming that the Object is enabled for transmission).
    This interface allows the GUI's moveObject() method to report to the back-end when an APRS Object has had its geographical position changed, without using any GUI-implementation-dependent methods.
    This enumeration defines the various formats that can be used to write a AX.25 frame to a disk file.
    This class handles processing queries sent to this station.
    Wrap a AX25Frame so it will be sent to exactly one outgoing PortConnector.
    This interface declares an object that needs cleanup operations if YAAC is shut down.
    This interface defines callbacks used by GUI classes wrapping the SnifferDataModel.
    This class maintains a list of all messages heard by the application.
    Specify whether received packets should be logged anyway even if received packet logging is disabled.
    This interface defines something that can display the current status of an ongoing long-running operation.
    This class batches up logging text messages to a text file.
    This exception is thrown to indicate that a ProgressDialog's cancel button has been pressed.
    This class records specific behavior for stations and objects that the user specifically wants to monitor.
    This class specifies the types of operations to be performed for a specifically tracked station or object.
    This interface declares String constants for the names of Preference values used across multiple classes within YAAC.