Package org.ka2ddo.yaac.ax25

package org.ka2ddo.yaac.ax25

This package contains classes for managing, archiving, digipeating, I-gating, and cataloging AX.25 messages received by YAAC, and reporting events related to such processing to other parts of the application using the MsgEventDispatcher and MsgEventListener API.

  • Class
    This class represents a message parameter (in milliseconds) in a form that can be rendered easily on a GUI widget.
    This interface is called for registered implementers when someone wants a list of the local station's APRS capabilities (suitable for a StationCapabilities response).
    This interface defines events that can occur when the StationTracker class is updated with destination address information.
    This singleton class/object handles digipeating operations according to the rules for AX.25 digipeating, as modified for APRS to handle I-gating and New-N paradigm digipeat aliases.
    Class specifying the specific level of blacklisting for a particular callsidn-SSID.
    Status of stations trying to RF-transmit through this station from the Internet.
    Interface for listeners to be informed of changes to the list of Tx I-gated stations.
    This interface defines a listener for decoded AX.25 frames, but indicates whether or not it is a duplicate frame.
    This singleton class provides a dispatcher of events of type MsgEventType.
    Helper class for queuing events that can't be fired immediately (perhaps because they were detected while in mutex-synchronized code).
    Implementers of this interface can be notified when a message event is detected inside YAAC.
    Enumeration of event typeMask that can request appropriate sound effects.
    This interface defines a callback by which another message-containing object can be informed that the StationTracker has pruned old messages from its history, and the listener can do corresponding pruning of its own.
    This class maintains a record of the current state of a monitored station, and a reverse-chronologically-ordered history of all messages heard from the station.
    This enumeration identifies special conditions of a monitored station or object that color a background circle behind the icon for the station.
    This class manages tracking all heard APRS stations and objects/items.
    This abstract class collects the occurrence counts for a particular type of station.
    Usage statistics for a particular tocall (destination) callsign in AX.25 traffic.
    Address statistics for a particular digipeater.
    This interface defines events that can occur when the StationTracker class is updated with new node information.