Package org.ka2ddo.util

package org.ka2ddo.util
This package provides various useful utility classes that otherwise mostly have no relationship with each other. These classes should not depend on any libraries other than those provided in the core Java Runtime Environment; any change creating such dependencies is a scope violation for this package.
  • Class
    This is an extension to the JRE's java.util.ArrayList with the ability to do block removes exposed for public use.
    This class provides means to encode and decode byte arrays into ASCII85 (base-85) strings.
    Base64 conversion methods, for use with older versions of Java that don't expose this to users.
    This class provides a simple read-only means of interpreting a DBF database file.
    This class describes the structure of one field (column) in the DBF table.
    This class manages the debug controls for the application, independent of how the controls are set by any user interface.
    Implementors of this interface, if registered with the DebugCtl.addDbgListener(DbgListener, String, String) method, can be informed of dynamic changes in the debug flags.
    This enumeration declares units (with conversion factors) for measuring distances.
    This FilterOutputStream subclass directs its output to both its primary and alternate contained streams.
    This interface tags an Enumeration that has image file name strings associated with each enum value.
    This interface is only for enumerations that specify another Enum as the unit for the value indexed by the first Enum.
    This attempts to make a simpler and faster FIFO queue than ArrayBlockingQueue with no guarantees regarding fairness, minimum execution time, and minimum transient memory allocations.
    A collection of utility functions for manipulating HTML.
    This class implements a BitSet using a segmented array, so that growth to unreasonably huge sizes will not require having enough heap space for two contiguous copies of the bitset (to handle copying upon array growth).
    This class implements a cache similar to the java.lang.Integer class, but for a wider range, so as to reduce the number of duplicate-valued Integer wrapper objects cluttering up the heap.
    This class provides an object wrapper around an accessor-controlled property of type boolean.
    This class is a merged copy of and, but without the synchronization, which restricts instances of this class to use in a single thread.
    This class provides a cache of SimpleDateFormat objects, such that they don't have to be recreated over and over, yet the users can be reasonably assured that no one else is using the instance they are using.
    This class is (sort of) a merged copy of and, but without the synchronization, which restricts instances of this class to use in a single thread.
    This interface allows a handler to be informed when end-of-file is detected by the file-reading thread (typically so the next file can be opened and first buffer loaded before the data consumer finishes consuming this stream).
    Enumeration of supported units of atmospheric pressure.
    This class implements a timer whose tasks' delivery times can be adjusted while they are enqueued, and the task objects can be reused after they have been timed out or cancelled.
    This class defines a timer task whose delivery time can be changed while the timer is pending delivery, and can be rescheduled any number of times.
    This class provides an alternative to the Java PermGen heap section used for String.intern(), such that applications won't run out of Java PermGen space while still being able to share constant object declarations.
    This singleton class provides a pruneable cache for constant Strings that won't eat up the PermGen part of the Java JVM heap.
    This class provides various helper functions for String operations beyond what the String class provides.
    This enumeration declares units (with conversion factors) for measuring temperatures.
    This is a tag interface identifying that the tagged enumeration is a definition of units of measure of some sort.
    Implementers of this interface can be informed when the desired units for a unit-scaled value are changed.
    This interface specifies a Enum for units that has a smaller version of the unit in the same system of units (standard/imperial vs.
    This Control loads PropertyResourceBundles using a UTF-8 locale Reader to read the properties file.
    This class implements an optimized stream-to-reader conversion assuming only UTF-8.
    This class implements a memory-optimized optimized writer-to-stream conversion assuming only UTF-8.
    This enumeration declares units (with conversion factors) for measuring weights (including units of mass that are commonly used for weight in one standard Earth gravity).