Configuring YAAC

Once YAAC is started, its graphical user interface (GUI) should appear on your desktop. If you have not previously configured YAAC, you will need to invoke the configuration option to set up YAAC for your environment. YAAC may detect the lack of configuration and automatically ask if you would like to use the configuration wizard. Otherwise, click on the File menu (or press Alt-F on the keyboard, then select the Configure option on the menu (or press F). At this point, you have five options:

The Expert Mode choice will open a dialog with several tabbed panes of configuration options.

Additional tabs may appear if you have installed YAAC plugins that are configurable.

If you need to use the same copy of YAAC in several different environments with different configurations, use YAAC's configuration profile feature to set up multiple configuration profiles and select the appropriate one at startup time. Note that the configuration dialog will announce the name of the profile being used (if any).