View Telemetry Alarms

The telemetry alarm view doesn't actually show the alarms that have happened. Instead, this is where you set up all of the alarm conditions you want to trigger alarm actions. There are two tabs on the view.

  1. The first tab is the list of monitored stations. These are the other stations (identified by their callsign-SSID values) whose telemetry data you want YAAC to watch, and what particular values of which telemetry values you want to trigger an alarm. It is displayed as a two-level tree, where the first level is the station identifiers, and the second level is the watched alarm values for each such station.

    To monitor a station, type the station's callsign-SSID value into the "Callsign:" field, then click the Add Callsign button. A node will be added to the tree with that callsign-SSID. Select the station node with the mouse (it will be selected by default when newly added), add click the Add Analog Alarm button to watch one of the 5 analog channels in a standard APRS telemetry message, or click the Add Bit Alarm to watch one of the 8 binary bits at the end of the message.

    For an analog input, select which of the 5 channels you want to monitor, what the value is relative to the triggering threshold (<, > =, etc.), and the triggering threshold value itself. There is also a checkbox to indicate whether to compare against the "raw" telemetry value (as seen in the actual APRS telemetry packet), or the "cooked" value as transformed by a quadratic polynomial whose coefficient values were sent in self-addressed APRS text messages whose body began with EQNS.

    For a binary bit input, select which of the eight bits to test, whether the alarming condition is bit set to 1 or to 0, and whether to use the "raw" value from the actual APRS telemetry message or the possibly bit-flipped "cooked" value as specified by the XOR (exclusive-OR) bitmask from related self-addressed APRS text messages beginning with BITS.

    For both types of telemetry values, several choices are available for reporting the alarm, and any combination of the choices can be used for each alarm trigger.

    For all of the reporting choices that refer to a custom message, the user can type in arbitrary text. Macro buttons are provided to substitute the following real-time parameters into the text:

    Selecting a station or a field in a station and clicking the Delete button will remove the alarm trigger condition from the YAAC system.

  2. The second tab, "Current Telemetry", provides a view similar to YAAC's normal View->Telemetry, except it only displays the stations set up for monitoring on the first tab.