View the Nearby Repeaters

The primary purpose of this plugin is to identify which repeaters are most likely to be useful for the local station running YAAC (which is possibly a mobile station). The View->Nearby Repeaters display shows all the useful information in a single window, sized to wedge into the available pixels on a Raspberry Pi 7-inch touch screen (though it can be made larger on bigger screens for more information).

The left side of the window displays a forward-up (not just North-up) map of the local area around the YAAC station, using GPS auto-centering if a GPS receiver is connected to YAAC (either directly or through a Kenwood radio in APRS mode). The local station is in the center of the map, and all filter-passing repeater stations are also displayed. Any received weather events are also displayed, to help warn mobile users away from dangerous weather such as tornadoes.

The right side of the window displays a table of compatible repeaters. It is a standard sorted table that can be re-sorted by clicking on column headers; by default, it is sorted by repeater callsign or object name. For each identified repeater, the frequency, mode, shift offset, CTCSS tone or DCS code, distance from the YAAC station, bearing to the repeater relative to the current course of the YAAC station, and a "quality" code indicating the preferability of the repeater compared to others on the table for usability. The quality is an arbitrary metric based on distance from the YAAC station, the reported or assumed range capability of the repeater station, and being ahead (rather than being left behind) the mobile station if the YAAC station is actually moving. Lower quality numbers are assumed to be better repeaters. In addition, if using a radio tuning interface capable of computer-controlling the radio tuning, any repeaters that the configured tuner interface could tune have a TUNE button displayed; clicking this button will command the radio (the B side of the radio if a dual-tuner rig) to tune, tone, and shift for the selected repeater.

Above the table are standard map zoom buttons and a map scale.

First Window

The Nearby Repeaters view can be used as the initial window for YAAC. The YAAC start-up command line should be

    java -jar YAAC.jar -gui:repeater
where "repeater" is the window name for this view. It will also be displayed if the -gui:help option is specified at YAAC startup.