View YAAC Demonstration

The YAAC demonstration can be invoked in two ways:

When the window appears, it will have two panes. The divider between the panes may be dragged to change the proportion of the window allotted to each pane.

The left pane will display the slide show (if one was specified and successfully loaded), starting at the first slide. If no slide show was specified, or the slide show could not be loaded for some reason, the left pane will be very narrow so as to maximize the space for the right pane. There are five buttons at the bottom of the slide show pane which allow the following overrides of the automatic slideshow sequencing:

  1. ◀◀ - jump back to the first slide in the slide show and resume the automatic slide stepping.
  2. ◀ - go back to the previous slide and resume the slide stepping.
  3. ⏸ - pause the automatic slide sequencing until one of the other 4 buttons is pushed or a new slide show is configured.
  4. ▶ - step immediately to the next slide without waiting for the step time, and resume the slide stepping.
  5. ▶▶ - step immediately to the last slide in the slide show and resume the slide stepping.

The right pane will display the selected YAAC views, starting with the first one in the selected list.