Filter by Message Content

Incoming messages and the stations sending them can be filtered by the type of information in them. APRS defines various formatted elements that can be placed in the free-text comment field of a position report message, and YAAC recognizes them (if correctly formatted) and decodes them to provide additional information about the sending station or reported object (as appropriate). Such information includes:

Additionally, the callsign-SSID of a digipeater (or I-gate) involved in the packet transmission can be tested for; note this only works for digipeaters that add their callsign to the digipeat path as a path trace.

The Msg Content filter can be used to isolate messages and/or stations sending those types of messages, or filter out stations sending those types of information.

image of message context filter panel

If and only if the filter is enabled, only messages or stations either having the selected information (or not having it. depending on whether the "Accept only if doesn't contain specified items/text" checkbox is checked). For arbitrary text in the comment, specify the case-sensitive text in the text field. Note that incorrectly formatted information (such as PHG data put somewhere other than immediately after the position information) will not trigger by the checkboxes; conversely, correctly formatted data (such as PHG) will not show up in an arbitrary text search, because it will already have been extracted from the message's comment.