Drawing on the Map

Additional information can be drawn on the map using the Draw toolbar. This toolbar is displayed when the Show Draw Toolbar checkbox is checked on the View menu.

picture of draw toolbar

When YAAC is in drawing mode, the mouse is reserved for drawing input; the specific function depends on which of the drawing mode toolbar buttons (select, draw line, draw rectangle, draw oval, or draw text) is currently selected. To pan and zoom the map behind the drawing, you will need to use the same keyboard keys that normally pan and zoom the map:

Note that the plus and minus keys cannot be used for zooming when in draw text mode; instead, they will be included in the typed text. In addition, pressing the Esc key will stop whatever drawing element you are drawing. For example, when in draw line mode, a line will no longer be attached to the mouse cursor from the last clicked point, and a new click will start a new line, rather than extending the previous line.

The buttons on the toolbar are: