Configure Statistics

The statistics plugin allows additional columns of user-specified data types to be attached to stations and objects, and such values to be displayed and edited in the Stations/Objects List view. This does not affect the transmission or reception of data about the stations and objects; it merely provides a place for the operator to record annotations about the stations. For example, for a bicycle public service event, the operator could record how many bicycles and riders are currently being carried by a SAG vehicle, to help determine which SAG unit would be the best to send for another call.

Initially, there are no extra statistics columns. To add them, go to the expert-mode Configuration dialog and select the Statistics tab. This tab will display a table of extra column definitions (fields), plus buttons to add and delete fields from the list of definitions.

To add a new field, click the Add Field button. A new row will appear in the table, and you can adjust the fields in this row to control how the new field in the Stations/Object list will appear. The attributes of a field are:

If a row is selected in the table of extra columns, then the Delete Field button can be used to remove that extra column from the system (including any persisted values from that column).