Configure Email

The telemetry alarm plugin provides services to YAAC for sending automated emails and SMS (cellphone text) messages when certain conditions are detected, such as telemetry alarm conditions. However, due to the ever-stricter environment for sending emails (no thanks to spammers and black-hat hackers), YAAC must be configured to connect to an Email Service Provider (ESP) that will forward the emails on behalf of the authenticated user. And the same applies to text messaging, as text messages not originated by a cellphone are sent by email to the cellphone carrier's SMS or MMS gateway.

The author of YAAC is not responsible for illicit use of YAAC to send forged emails. The user of the program bears all responsibility for the valid and authorized identification of emails sent by YAAC.

The Email tab in the expert-mode configuration dialog provides the means by which the email settings are configured. The following parameters are available:

email configuration panel