Configuring an APRS-IS Port

YAAC can communicate with the APRS-IS network on the Internet. To create an APRS-IS connection, click the Add button on the Ports tab of the Configure dialog, then change the Port Type to APRS-IS. The dialog will then appear like this:

configuration panel for APRS-IS port

The options to be set for an APRS-IS connection are:

The "Test Port" button provides a means of verifying that you have connected to the correct place; it opens a terminal window connected to the configured APRS-IS server so that you can manually test the server for the desired operation. To complete testing, close the terminal window.

Note that the Test Port button does not work for SOCKS-connected servers.

If both an APRS-IS port and an RF port are opened, YAAC expects to be used as an I-gate (Internet gateway) station. This tutorial explains more about I-gating.