Package org.ka2ddo.yaac.gui.util

package org.ka2ddo.yaac.gui.util
This package defines Java/Swing graphical utility classes specific to YAAC.
  • Classes
    This class provides a common function of closing down the dynamic contents of a closed Window.
    This class provides a JFileChooser's FileFilter that only selects directories, not regular files.
    This class implements a list selection listener that will control the enable state of an associated JComponent based on whether something is selected in the list.
    This class maintains a mapping of Enum value instances to ImageIcons, so enumerations can be identified in the UI by image picture.
    This class implements a generic listener for enabling and disabling a button based on whether the associated text document contains text or not.
    This widget adapts a JLabel to be displayable in a JScrollPane for multi-line read-only message displays.
    This class extends the standard JPanel to have Scrollable characteristics, so extending this panel extremely large does not cause a containing JScrollPane to do so as well.