Package org.ka2ddo.yaac.gps

package org.ka2ddo.yaac.gps

This package contains classes for managing multiple streams of Global Positioning System (GPS) data within YAAC.

  • Class
    This class logs GPS position events only (not satellite constellation updates) to a CSV file, with each record in the order latitude, longitude, elevation, and timestamp.
    Implementors of this interface can be notified when GPS data is updated.
    This class collects GPS data from GPS data sources and accumulates current position data for use by other parts of the application.
    This class logs GPS data in GPSD JSON format, regardless of what format it was originally in.
    This interface specifies how the GPSDistributor will record GPS position events to disk files.
    This enumeration defines the various formats that can be used to write a GPS position report to a disk file.
    This class logs GPS data using the GPX schema of XML, as documented at GPX: the GPS Exchange Format.
    This class implements the GPS logger as it existed in earlier versions of YAAC, recording each record in the format it was received, all sources in the same file, and doing daily log file rollovers.
    This class logs GPS fixes using NMEA-0183 sentences, regardless of whether they are coming into YAAC in NMEA format or not.