Configuring an Outernet Receiver into YAAC

The Outernet satellite service supports relaying specifically addressed APRS packets from the APRS-IS network to all Outernet satellite receivers. Any packets “digipeated” through the OUTNET alias will be automatically relayed to Outernet, and subsequently forwarded. This YAAC port type supports polling the APRS download files on an Outernet receiver.

To connect to the Outernet receiver, click the Add button on the Ports tab of the expert-mode configuration dialog. The port editing dialog will appear. Set the port type to OUTERNET.

Outernet configuration dialog

The parameters you will need to specify are:

Once the port is open, the APRS messages will be received in batches, with a delay of up to an hour or so before they arrive at your Outernet receiver. As such, the timestamps of the APRS packets from any given batch will be identical (except for packets using embedded timestamps, such as timestamped position report messages).