Configuring Kenwood APRS-Capable Radios

Kenwood has manufactured several radios, including the TM-D710 and TH-D72, that are capable of standalone operation as an APRS terminal. However, their screens are somewhat small, displaying limited information. YAAC can read the data feed from the Kenwood radio and display it with YAAC's map and tabular analysis capabilities. Unfortunately, Kenwood's firmware does not allow transmitting APRS messages from both the radio and an external computer simultaneously, so YAAC's Kenwood mode is receive-only. If you wish to transmit messages with YAAC through a Kenwood radio, you need to put the Kenwood radio's TNC in PACKET or KISS (not APRS) mode, use Serial TNC mode in YAAC, and give up the ability to use the Kenwood radio's display for tactical APRS status; note that you can use the Radio View in YAAC as a substitute for the Kenwood transceiver's APRS display.

To add a Kenwood radio, click the Add button on the Configure Ports tab. The port editing dialog will appear. Set the port type to Kenwood.

Kenwood APRS-mode configuration panel

The other parameters you will need to specify for the Kenwood radio/TNC are:

Once you have the settings the way you want them, click OK. Ensure that the radio is connected to the port before you click OK.